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Intro to Wholesaler Business Loans

For wholesalers, the key to success is continually looking for new ways to improve efficiency and productivity. Possible options include purchasing better equipment, implementing advanced technology, or recruiting more salespeople. However, obtaining these resources becomes very difficult when your customers take several weeks (or even months) to pay. Wholesalers also habitually buy too much inventory, which leaves precious working capital sitting on their shelves. Then there’s the host of circumstances beyond their control, like seasonality or shifts in demand. US Capital has access to Wholesaler Business Loans so wholesalers can take advantage of opportunities to stay relevant, save money, and fill increasingly larger orders.

In this guide, we’ll answer the following questions and more:

  • What Are Wholesaler Business Loans?
  • How Do Wholesaler Business Loans Work?
  • What Are The Advantages of Business Loans For Wholesalers?
  • What Are The Disadvantages of Business Loans For Wholesalers?
  • How Do You Apply For Wholesaler Business Loans?
  • What If I’m Declined for a Wholesaler Business Loan?
  • What Do I Need To Get a Wholesaler Business Loan?
  • How Long Does it Take To Get a Wholesaler Business Loan?
  • What Expenses Can Wholesalers Cover With Business Loans?
  • Can I Get a Wholesaler Business Loan With Bad Credit?

We have access to various business loan options for the construction industry that have proven to work for our clients. Take advantage today. 

What are Wholesaler Business Loans?

Wholesaler Business Loans are business loans specifically geared towards the cash flow cycles and capital expenditures of wholesalers. In addition to covering short-term needs and larger purchases, Wholesaler Business Loans can bridge revenue gaps until customers send payments or demand picks back up.

Business loans for wholesalers can come in the form of:

  • Business Term Loans
  • SBA Loans
  • Business Line of Credit
  • Equipment Financing
  • Working Capital Loans
  • Merchant Cash Advance
  • Revenue-Based Business Loan
  • Accounts Receivable Factoring

How Do Wholesaler Business Loans Work?

Each of the products listed above can suit a different type of expense or cash flow issue. For example, let’s say a hot new item has emerged, and you know your customers will be interested. If most of your working capital is compromised, you could secure the order with a Business Line of Credit. This is the ideal option for moderately-sized, short-term expenses. Your interest rate is lower when you pay off the balance as quickly as possible. And as long as you continuously pay back what you owe, that money becomes available again. In other words, you won’t have to apply for funding every time you need to order extra inventory.

This makes a Business Line of Credit similarly appropriate for bridging gaps in revenue since you know your customers will pay you shortly. Another suitable solution for long payment cycles is Accounts Receivable Factoring. You would sell the unpaid receivables for a discount price (at least 85%). Instead of waiting weeks or months for compensation, you’d get cash in just a few business days. It is now the responsibility of the factoring company to collect the payment from your customer. When the payment is collected, you get paid the remainder from the first sale, minus fees.

For larger purchases like new delivery trucks or real estate, consider Business Term Loans, SBA Loans, or Equipment Financing. We can customize your terms to suit the time frame of your investment, as well as the time it will take for your new asset to increase revenue.

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