Term Loans

Term Loans

Short Term (Bridge Financing)

Designed to cater for businesses that require access to fast funding or have a short-term financing need.

   Refurnishing Business Locations

   Marketing with a Fast Return of Investment

    Hiring Additional Staff or Personnel

    Payroll or Emergency Funding

Short Term Business Loan
Fast Small Business Loans

Long Term (Permanent Financing)

This type of loan is designed to cater to larger businesses and projects with a longer payback which may span between 24-72 months.

   Financing Capital Assets or Equipment

   Purchase of Equipment

    Development of New Products or Wares

    Payroll or Emergency Funding

Rates for Short Term Loans

Rates as low as 1% total ‘Cost-of-Funds’*

By cost of funds, we mean the amount of interest to be paid by you as a percentage of the loan received.

With ‘Cost of Funds’, you are able to know the exact amount of money you are to pay back. It is not an amortized rate or APR, but rather a disclosure of the exact cost of the financing to you.

For example, a loan of $20,000 with a ‘Cost of Funds’ of 7% and a term of twelve months will have a total interest cost of $1,400.

Small Business Loans Bad Credit
Small Business Line of Credit

Rates for Long Term Loans

With interest rates as low as 3.99%*

An AIR is the annual interest percentage paid by you based on your loan balance on the average. This rate is with the exclusion of other fees.

It is good you pay close attention to the total cost of the loan, you should use the AIR in comparison with other loans with same period.

For example, a $100,000 loan with an AIR of 9.99% with weekly payment equals an interest cost of $10,418.15. This means the total amount to be paid is $110,418.15.

*Personal and business credit will be the primary determining factor in the rate and terms you qualify for. High-risk businesses may be declined for financing completely. US Capital reserves the right to approve or deny any applicants at its own discretion.